Creative Community Acupuncture at St.Roch Wellness & Acupuncture Studio!

Creative Community Acupuncture offers sliding scale Acupuncture treatments in Group setting

Our Sliding Scale is $15 – $35 per treatment, you decide what you can afford

Community Model

We treat in a group setting. At Creative Community Acupuncture patients sit in comfortable chairs, fully clothed, in a quiet, soothing community room.

We believe in being part of the community. Every patient receives the same level of high quality care. An affordable acupuncture clinic means that more people have the choice to use acupuncture for health care, ultimately building a stronger and healthier community.

We provide affordable acupuncture while working to make a living. Creative Community Acupuncture is NOT a non-profit organization. We don’t receive government money or grants or private donations. We are a sustainable business model that offers a service that people need and can afford.

Our Sliding Scale

There is a one time $10 orientation fee with your first appointment.

Acupuncture treatments are on the sliding scale of $35-15 per treatment.

The purpose of the sliding scale is to separate the issues of money and treatment. You decide what you can pay within that scale.

We recommend regular treatments. Acupuncture is most effective when done frequently. In China it’s not uncommon for a patient to receive treatment daily until symptoms are alleviated.

Creative Community Acupuncture strives to make acupuncture affordable for you to come as often and for as long as needed in order to feel better.

Contact Us

St Roch Wellness & Acupuncture Studio

1222b Port Street, New Orleans LA

Telephone: (415) 568-0004



TUESDAYS ~ 10AM TO 6PM (final visit at 4:15pm)

FRIDAY ~ 12 PM TO 8 PM (final visit at 7:15pm)


We have moved into our own new space, St.Roch Wellness and Acupuncture Studio!

Monica Gilliam Mata is no longer with St Roch Studio or Community Acupuncture Project. Please contact her at

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